Raymond Huntingdon Woodman

November 26, 2007

Raymond Huntingdon Woodman, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., January 18, 1861. A pupil of his father from a young age, he then studied harmony, counterpoint and orchestration with Dudley Buck, 1881-85, and with César Franck at Paris, 1888. From 1875-79 he was assistant organist to his father at St. George’s Church in Flushing, Long Island. He was organist of Christ Church, Norwich, Conn., 1879-80, and musical editor for the “New York Evangelist,” 1894-7; organist and choirmaster at the First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn. He was also a professor of music at Packer Collegiate Institute and head of the organ department at the Metropolitan College of Music, N. Y. His church-choir of mixed voices was noted for excellent performances. Woodman’s published works include Romance, The Brook, Spring Song, and Three Album-leaves, for pianoforte; Prayer and Cradle-song, and Cantiléne, for organ; plus numerous popular part-songs, anthems, and songs.


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