Richard Burmeister

December 5, 2007

Richard Burmeister, was a German composer and concert pianist, born in Hamburg Germany on December 7th 1860. He studied under Franz Liszt at Weimar, and later Rome and Budapest (1880-83), accompanying Liszt on his travels. Afterwards he was a teacher in the Hamburg Conservatory, then for 12 years director of the pianoforte department at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore Maryland in the United States. Burmeister also made extensive concert tours through Europe and America. His works include: opus 1, pianoforte concerto in D minus; opus 2, “The Chase after Fortune” symphonic Fantasy in 3 movements; opus 3, Cadenza to Chopin’s F minus concerto; opus 4, three songs; opus 5, Capriccio for pianoforte; opus 6, “Wanderer’s Night Song”. He also rescored Chopin’s F minor concerto, and an arrangement for Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz and 5th Rhapsody concertos with orchestral accompaniment.


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