Albert Lister Peace

December 6, 2007

Albert Lister Peace was born in Huddersfield, England January 26th, 1844. As a precocious pupil of Henry Horn and H. Parratt he was found to be a fine organist, and at just nine years of age he became organist of Holmfirth Parish Church. In 1865 he was appointed organist of Trinity Congregational Church in Glasgow. In 1870 Peace received from the University of Glasgow a bachelors degree in Music, and received his Doctorate in 1875. In 1873 he was organist of Glasgow Cathedral; and in 1897 he succeeded Best as organist of St. George’s Hall, Liverpool, the highest position in the kingdom. He died March 14th 1912 in Liverpool. His main works include, Psalm 138, for choir and orchestra; cantata St. John the Baptist; church-services; anthems; organ-music, including Sonata de Camera No. 1 (D minus), No. 2 (C minus), and No. 3 (G minus); Concert-fantasia on Scotch melodies; Fantasia in B; etc.

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