Aloys Schmitt

December 13, 2007

Aloys Schmitt was a pianist and eminent teacher, born in Erlenbach, Bavaria, Germany on August 26th 1788 and died at Frankfort-on-Main, July 25th 1866. The son and pupil of a cantor, and at age 14 a fine player, he studied composition with Andre at Offenbach from his 20th year, and settled in Frankfort in 1816, remaining there, excepting a few years in Berlin, and the years 1825 to 1829 when he was at Hanover as organist to the Duke of Cambridge, during which time his son and student (Georg) Aloys Schmitt was born, also a fine musician. The elder Schmitt’s valuable instructive works for piano-forte include a Method, opus 114; Studies, opus 16, 55, and 62 (Rhapsodies), as well as opus 67 and 115; Rondos, opus 3; Sonatinas, opus 10 and 11; he also wrote four piano-forte concertos; a piano-forte concertino with orchestra; rondos, variations, etc., for piano-forte and orchestra; piano-forte quartets and trios; solo pieces (sonatas, variations, etc.) for piano-forte; three operas; two oratorios (Moses and Ruth); masses; orchestral overtures, etc. His biography was written by Henkel: “Leben und Werke von Dr. Aloys Schmitt” (Frankfort, 1873).


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