Christian Kalkbrenner

December 17, 2007

Christian Kalkbrenner was born in Minden, near Hanover, Germany, on September 22nd 1755 and died at Paris, France on August 10th 1806. Considered a mediocre writer and opera-composer, he had been the pupil of Becker (piano-forte) and Rodewald (violin) at Kassel. Kalkbrenner was Kapellmeister to the Queen at Berlin in 1788; and then Kapellmeister to Prince Heinrich, at Rheinsberg, 1790-96. He was in Naples briefly, then in January 1797 went to Paris, and was appointed chef de chant at the Opera in 1799. His operas, chamber-music, piano-forte pieces, etc, are largely forgotten. He wrote a History of Music, a Theory of Composition, and others that are of no present value. His only enduring legacy is that he was the father of the talented musician Friedrich Wilhelm Michael Kalkbrenner.


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