Philip Cipriani Hambly Potter

December 21, 2007

Philip Cipriani Hambly Potter was a pianist and composer, born in London on October 2nd 1792, he died there September 26th 1871. A pupil of his father, and of Callcott, Attwood, and Crotch (theory) and Woelfil (pianoforte). He also studied at Vienna, under Forster (1817-18), it is said that Beethoven gave him good advice. In 1822 Potter was pianoforte-teacher at the R. A. M., succeeding Crotch as Principal in 1832, and resigning in 1859, his successor being Charles Lucas. His works included 9 symphonies, 4 overtures, 3 pianoforte-concertos, string-quartets, a concertante for pianoforte with ‘cello; etc. Published works: Op. 1, 2, 3, sonatas for pianoforte; op. 6, Grand duo for two pianofortes; op. 7, duet for two pianofortes; op. 11, sextet for pianoforte, flute, and strings; op. 12, 3 pianoforte-trios; op. 13, Sonata di bravura for pianoforte with horn (or bassoon); op. 19, pianoforte-studies in all keys; op. 20, Introduction and Rondo for pianoforte; op. 21, 2nd Rondo brillant for pianoforte; also rondos, toccatas, 6 sets of variations, 4-hand pieces, and transcriptions of 2 symphonies and an overture; a Fantasia and Fugue for 2 pianofortes; a trio for 3 pianofortes, 6 hands; etc.

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