Frederick Clay

December 31, 2007

Frederick Clay was a prominent composer, born of English parents in Paris, France on August 3rd 1838. He died at Great Marlo near London on November 27th 1889. A pupil of Molique at Paris, and of Hauptmann at Leipzig. His first operettas, The Pirate’s Isle (1859) and Out of Sight (1860), were given privately at London; afterwards he brought out, at Covent Garden and other London theaters, Court and Cottage (1862), Constance (1865), Ages Ago (1869), The Gentleman in Black (1870), Happy Arcadia (1872), Babul and Bijou (1872), The Black Crook (1873), Cattarina (1874), Princess Toto (1875), Don Quixote (1875), Oriana, The Golden Ring (1883), The Merry Duchess (1883); as well as incidental music to “Twelfth Night,” and other plays; two cantatas: The Knights of the Cross (1866), and Lalla Rookh (1877). He also wrote part-songs, songs, etc.

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