Heinrich von Herzogenberg

January 7, 2008

Heinrich von Herzogenberg was a pianist and composer, born in Graz, Styria, Austria on June 10th 1843, died in Wiesbaden, Germany on 9th October 1900. He was a pupil of Dessoff at the Vienna Conservatory 1862-64. Herzogenberg lived at Graz until 1872, then removed to Leipzig, Germany, and with P. Spitta, F. von Holstein, and A. Volkland founded the Bach-Verein in 1874; in 1875 he succeeded Volkland as its director. In 1885 he was appointed professor of composition at the Berlin “Hochschule fur Musik,” as successor to F. Kiel; from which position he retired in 1892, and was succeeded by M. Bruch. He was president of the “Meisterschule” for composition., and a member of the Akademie. His works included: Oratorio Die Geburt Christi; symphonic poem, “Odysseus“; two symphonies (C-minus and B-flat); “Deutsches Liederspiel” for soli, choir, and pianoforte four hands; “Der Stern des Liedes,” for choir and orchestra; “Die Weihe der Nacht,” for alto solo, choir, and orchestra; 96th Psalm, opus 34; 116th Psalm, for double choir and orchestra; 94th Psalm, opus 60, for soli, choir, and orchestra; “Nannas Klage,” opus 59; a cantata, Columbus; two pianoforte-trios and two string-trios, opus 27; three string-quartets; a quintet for wind-instruments; pianoforte-works for two and four hands; Variations for two pianofortes on a theme from Brahms; three songs, two duets, one part-song. His wife, Elizabeth, neé von Stockhausen, was a talented pianist, born 1848, died at San Remo, January 7th 1892.


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