Nicholas-Joseph Hullmandel

January 11, 2008

Nicholas-Joseph Hullmandel was a celebrated pianist and performer on the harmonica; born in Strassburg, Germany in 1751, he died at London, England on December 19th 1823. Nicholas-Joseph was a nephew of the famous horn-virtuoso, Rodolphe. He first studied music in the Strassburg Catholic school, and became a pupil of the “Hamburg Bach.” He went in 1775 to Milan, and in 1776 to Paris, where for ten years he was a fashionable teacher. In 1787 he made a wealthy marriage and retired, but the Revolution drove him to London, and he again gave lessons. Napoleon restored a portion of his property, and he again retired into private life. His playing and compositions had considerable influence on French art of the period. He published 12 pianoforte-trios, opus 1 and 2; 14 violin-sonatas with pianoforte, opus 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, and 11; six pianoforte-sonatas, opus 6; Divertissement, opus 7; and two sets of airs and variations for solo pianoforte, opus 9.

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