Salvatore Marchesi de Castrone

January 15, 2008

Salvatore Marchesi de Castrone (more accurately Cavaliere Salvatore de Castrone, Marchese della Rajata) was a baritone stage-singer and famous teacher. He was born at Palermo, Italy on January 15th 1822. He studied law and music together at Palermo and Milan, music under Raimondi, Lamperti, and Fontana; exiled after participation in the Revolution of 1848, he went to New York, where his stage-debut took place (in Ernani). Going to London, he studied with Garcia, was successful as a concert-singer, and married (in 1852) Mathilde Graumann, with whom he sang in opera at Berlin, Brussels, London, and Italy, and gave vocal instruction (in 1854) at the Vienna Consrvatory. After this they lived for some years in Paris; taught in the Cologne Conservatory (from 1865 to 1869), and again at Vienna from 1869 to 1881, later returning to reside in Paris. His works include: Beautiful songs on German, French, and Italian texts; “20 Vocalizzi elementari e progressivi,” and others; a Vocal Method; Italian translations of modern French and German opera-libretti, etc.


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