John Stanley

January 17, 2008

John Stanley, (actually Charles John Stanley), was born in London, England on January 17th 1713, and died there May 19th 1780. Blind from early youth, he studied under J. Reading and M. Greene, became organist in several churches, and in 1779 succeeded Boyce as Master of the Royal Hand. He enjoyed the esteem of Handel, after whose death he conducted the oratorio performances with Smith. His main works include: Oratorios Jephtha (1757), Zimri (1760), The Fall of Egypt (1774); dramatic pastoral Arcadia (for George III’s wedding); songs: Opus 1, eight solos for German flute, violin, or harpsichord; op. 4, six ditto; opus 2, six concertos for four violins, viola, ‘cello, and thorough-bass for harpsichord; op. 5-7, ten voluntaries for organ or pianoforte; and six concertos for harpsichord or organ (1760).

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