Charles Edward Stephens

July 17, 2008

Charles Edward Stephens was born in London on March 28th 1821 and died there July 13th 1892. He was a pianist and teacher, and also first organist at several London churches until 1875. His chief instructors were 0. Potter (piano), Wagner Grove (violin), and Hamilton (theory). In 1850 he was appointed Associate, and in 1857 full member, of the London Philharmonic, of which he was later Director and Treasurer. In 1874 Stephens was an originating member of the Music Association.

The best-known works of Charles Edward Stephens include: Orchestral and chamber-music (2 symphonies; 2 string-quartets; a piano-quartet; a piano-trio; etc.) and  such pianoforte-pieces as Sonata in A; Duo brillant in A, for piano 4 hands; Duo concert in D, and another in F (for 2 pianos); organ-music, glees, songs, and church-music.

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