Nicolas Gombert

November 27, 2007

Nicolas Gombert, born Bruges, Flanders about 1495; died after 1570. One of Josquin Desprez’ most eminent pupils, he was master of the boys at the Imperial Chapel at Madrid in 1530; probably maestro there later, he received the gift of a sinecure office in the Netherlands from his patron Charles V which enabled him to retire in his old age. In church-music Fetis styles him a forerunner of Palestrina, but he was especially fond of secular and pastoral music, with a decidedly sentimental leaning, and refreshing simplicity and directness, while in his sacred works he discarded rests, thus rendering his polyphony more connected and fuller than that of his predecessors. Some of his main works include Magnificats #1 through #8, Missa Tempore paschali, Missa media vita and Missa Sub tuum presidium.