Charles-Vilfride de Beriot

February 12, 2008

Charles-Vilfride de Beriot, son of the famous violinist Charles, was born in Paris, France, on February 12th 1835. An accomplished pianist, he was a pupil of Thalberg (1855). Later he became professor of pianoforte at the Paris Conservatory. Some of his works include the Symphonic poem “Fernand Cortez”; several overtures; three pianoforte concertos; “Operas sans paroles” for pianoforte and violin; a Fantasie-Ballet for violin; a septet; two pianoforte quartets; a pianoforte trio; Sonata for pianoforte and flute; and about 60 compositions for pianoforte. Co-author with his father of “Methode d’accompagnement.”

Marius-Pierre Audran

January 9, 2008

Marius-Pierre Audran was an operatic tenor and song-composer, born at Aix, in Provence, France on September 26th 1816. He died at Marseilles, France, on January 9th 1887. Audran was a pupil of E. Arnaud. After successful appearances at Marseilles, Brussels, Bordeaux, and Lyons, he became first tenor at the Opera-Comique, in Paris, and soloist at the Conservatory Concerts. He was also a member of the Conservatory Jury. After traveling (1852-61), he settled in Marseilles, becoming in 1863 Director of the Conservatory there, and professor of singing.

Felix Le Couppey

December 20, 2007

Felix Le Couppey was born in Paris, April 14th 1814, and died there July 5th 1887. A pupil of Dourlen in the Conservatory where he was assistant-teacher of an elementary harmony-class in 1828, full teacher in 1837, and Dourlen’s successor as professor of harmony in 1843. He was also substitute piano-teacher for Henri Herz in 1848, when the latter started on his American tour. Later a special pianoforte-class for ladies was organized for him. Published “Ecole du mecanisme du piano, 24 etudes primaires” (op. 10); “Cours de piano elementaire et progressif”; “L’art du piano” (50 etudes with annotations); a pamphlet, “De l’enseignement du piano; conseils aux jeunes professeurs” (1865); and a few pianoforte-pieces, and songs.