Maschinka Schubert

December 26, 2007

Maschinka Schubert (nee Schneider), wife of violinist Franz Schubert, and the daughter of Georg Abraham Schneider, was born at Reval, Estonia (then part of Russia) on August 25th 1815, and died at Dresden, Germany on September 20th 1882. A stage-soprano (coloratura), she was a pupil of Bordogni at Paris. Maschinka made her debut in London in 1832, then studied with Bianchi at Milan, Italy, and was a member of the Dresden Opera until 1860. Maschinka and Franz’s daughter Georgine was born in Dresden, Germany on October 28th 1840, and died in Potsdam, Germany on December 26th 1878. A pupil of her mother and Jenny Lind, and of Garcia at London 1857-59; Georgine made her debut in La Sonnambula at Hamburg, Germany in 1859.