George Hogarth

November 29, 2007

George Hogarth was born at Carfrae Mill, near Oxton, Berwickshire, 1783; he died in London, February 12th 1870. Hogarth studied law and practiced in Edinburgh. He was an amateur musician, cellist and composer, and became a music critic and historian. From 1830 onward he contributed to the Harmonicon. In 1834 Hogarth settled in London as sub-editor and music critic of the Morning Chronicle; from 1846-66 he was music critic of the Daily News. In 1850 Hogarth was appointed secretary to the Philharmonic Society. He composed glees and songs, and wrote the books “Musical History, Biography, and Criticism” (1835; 2nd edition in 2 volumes, 1838); “Memoirs of the Musical Drama” (1838; 2nd edition 1851 as “Memoirs of the Opera …”); “How’s Book of British Song …” (2 volumes, London, 1845); and “The Philharmonic Society of London, 1813-62” (1862). He was son-in-law of Thomson (Beethoven’s Scotch publisher), and father-in-law of Charles Dickens